Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Start It Out Right

 I started this blog when I was in school and decided to start it over again. After deleting all of my previous posts which really non of them were very interesting I decided to document my year of not attending classes and instead focusing all my energy toward playing in the snow! I found this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon (click on it to make it bigger) which is the greatest cartoon ever published. Bill Waterson is a genius and portrays the imagination and life of a third grader perfectly, I feel as though I can truly relate with Calvin (even though girls have cooties! Oh Jeezus!) This particular comic strip basically describes my thought process when I was in school and it shows beautifully why my decision this year was to take a break from my academic studies and commence my lifestyle on two planks in the mountains! 
I am very excited to not spend my weekend writting a ten page essay explaining in MLA format the political and economical tourmoil that America has fallen into, complete with correct citations and perfect grammatical/punctuation usage. Instead I'll have more time with mother nature and the magical gift she bestows upon us every winter! You could call me stupid to obsess over a pastime that causes pain and injury, but at the same time I feel a sense of accomplishment and elated happiness whenever my day of skiing is over regardless of how nice or shitty the conditions were. I'll take a foggy, rainy, miserable day at the mountain over class or even a minimum wage job any day of the week. I can't wait to go skiing!