Sunday, February 21, 2010

skiing update

The weather here has been subpar and I keep thinking that it's april instead of February. But no matter we've had enough snow to play with, it'd just be very nice if we could get more. I've acquired a few good photos of me skiing.

It was a crappy day so I went to a golf course to see if anything looked fun and found these
It's like marioland

          I had absolutley no speed, but this photo was fun to play with on a mellow day

Then I jumped off a bridge.

a very nice sunny day at Park City

and a picnic table

then we got the most majestic shot of this golden eagle. He flew right over us and I'm so glad we got this shot.

Now today is calling for 100% chance of snow in the Little Cottonwood Canyon, and I just got some Trekkers so I can now use my skins! Hooray.