Monday, February 9, 2009

Aspen Open

I drove down to Aspen with some buddies to compete in the Aspen open. The weather was beautiful and conditions were great. I would like to say that the course could have been a lot better, it was the same course as the x-games slopestyle course. The features were way to close together there wasn't enough time to breathe in between features, you basically land your trick and go directly into the next one. because the weather was so nice that means it was very warm which equals slow speeds going into the features. I learned that the hard way by casing the first jump in the course by about a foot and a half, there wasn't anything I could have done to prevent this I waxed my skis, I was tucking into the jump, I popped and still didn't make it. I managed to collapse my left foot arch and bruise both of my heels. Its the worst pain I've been through this year, its basically the equivalent of taking a sledge hammer and slamming it into your feet without holding back. Imagine that, it sucks! So I was the person limping around the lodge for the entire week. I didn't get to compete in the competition instead I stood at the bottom watching and imagining my run in my head. There is a large purple bruise on the sole of my foot and I walk funny because my balance is off due to the fact that I can't walk on my heels only my toes. Bummer! I'll post a photo later

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