Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Before I head up to my summer job of commercial fishing in Alaska, I got a few days of skiing in at Mt Hood with the surface team. I've only had two days to ski so far day one was just hot lapping through the public park, which is very well put together my favorite feature they had up was a fairly poppy jump with a tree in the middle of the knuckle that you could do taps, tree grabs, and just about anything you want. Then for day two we hiked out to a step up but due to the intense heat and lack of snow the in-run had a giant patch of dirt. So we all agreed that a step down would be easier and faster to build plus we didn't need a lot of speed which is nice because it worked out. The landing had an annoying compression but we worked through it.
Here are some photos from day two check it:

I'd like to thank Jason Eichhorst for letting me use these photos their great!
you should go and look at his other photos and stuff here:

I didn't ski today because high winds and terrible weather closed the mountain so I went and played in Portland, hopping around thrift stores having a grand 'ol time!

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