Tuesday, September 29, 2009

new season

Thanks to Facebook, about 20 people have posted the NOAA weather report for the Salt Lake City area next week, and apparently we're supposed to get a boat load of snow, I for one am quite excited for this but would like to take this moment to show what I did for this past weekend.

one thing we did was a lot of hiking, this hike down here is the mormon trail, its the trail that the founders of the Mormon religion used to hike into the salt lake valley and set up camp for a while. It's a gorgeous hike especially now that all the tree
s are turning colors.

The dizzy shot.
This is the group shot.
The majestic shot.

We even got a sunset shot. (on a different hike)

Played some soccer, with no shoes

and had a birthday bbq/bonfire
and it was good, now bring the snow and let it stay!!

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